Sunday, 30 July 2017

Open Poli

It's been a few years since I have made any changes to the stadium, but that is understandable since the stadium was mark as complete for my needs. Today though, I thought to make it available for the public to download it and alter it as one might wish, with the only condition is to use the same licensing: to include me in the credits wherever the stadium will end up being used and let me know on my email ( where you want to use it.

So here it is for you people, iasistadium becomes open. I share my stadium for you to edit, alter and convert, and I release it to public under the GNU General Public License v3.0:

You can get the stadium from github, so I can track the downloads.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mission accomplished

So after the last post, I practically managed to create the "Hello World!" or "Hello Triangle!" of CryEngine`s Sandbox with that section of the stadium successfully imported in the game. Having done this my job is finished here and the goal of the project has been achieved.
Let`s not forget that the main objective of this project was to learn... and I learned a lot!
- modelling
- programming
- cry engine
- blogging and writing
- time management, planning and organising and also working with a deadline (job done before 31st of August)

Even though I have enjoyed making this project, there were moments when I wanted to just give up because of my job (too many hours at work just killed my "free" time for the project). I am happy that I managed to tick all the goals I set for myself and I am also happy that some visitors liked what I did.

Following this project I have been approached by FIFA Next Level Romania to help them import this stadium in FIFA 14 the game. Even though I have previously made stadiums for Pro Evolution Soccer that were successfully included in unofficial patches (National ArenaMunicipal Medias, Ilie Oana) and I didn`t get enough credit for it, I accepted to start a collaboration with this team and I will further build some other stadiums (assuming that I`ll have enough photo resources and of course time to complete them).

Until then, I would like to thank my audience for checking with the blog and for making it visible in countries like : UK, US, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Canada (really?!?!), Germany, Italy, etc.

This being said, this is my last official UNversity related post connected to this project. There might be other posts on this blogs updating with any changes, but there will be a new blog for each stadium that I will create. (I hope to have at least 2 more stadiums until next year)

Noapte buna Iasi!

Constantin Tinu Toader
NT Games

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to initial plan

So I tried to import the model in VS to use it with OpenGL, but ended up with a huge file that would take just too much to load. Because Sketchup knows about it`s components it doesn`t need to save 11.500 seats, that are quite high poly, instead saves only 2 and the information about position and orientation (one for blue and one for white). That`s a smart thing and is the main reason why Sketchup file is about 12-13 mb while an exported obj (not to mention 3ds, would take a lot more time) is about 560 mb or so... for one bloody model is too much.

So I had to sacrifice some quality and some ideas. Went back to Cry SDK and managed to get in the Game a part of the stadium, correctly binded:
- correct textures
- correct materials
- correct physics
- correct surface type
- approximate layout (I don`t have Google`s ease to place objects... need to be more accurate and I place the objects using the X,Y,Z values... wish they weren`t floats...

So after all this here`s what I came with:

And the beauty of using the SDK... physics! Gravity is sorted, collision on all axes, bullets affect the surface, leaving marks, just awesome!:

I am not sorry I made this choice now. To be honest it is a lot of work to do in defining all the materials for all the components, and by materials I mean texture, faces (2 faces), texture maps (normal, diffuse, specular.. etc.) but seeing it in real time... priceless!

I hope you like it... unfortunately it will take a while... I thought that I can just do bits of stadium and clone them... but the SDK does not have a flip by axis options, and neither scale -1 does not work to mirror a group of components. If anyone knows how to flip an item (after loading the model) please let me know.

The seats have been modified and simplified due to large number of vertices/faces... useless effort unfortunately. But still excited about this :)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Cleaning in progress

Started to clean the model and just noticed that the top part of the stadium, the top side walk way is too wide and now I have to narrow it in all the stadium.
I will narrow it as I clean and divide the stadium parts by materials. Like this, having the following materials from top to bottom:
- white plastic
- blue plastic
- blue metal
- yellow concrete
- blue concrete
- stairs (different component)
- white concrete
This is only a part of the stadium, peluza A, need to do the same for peluza B, tribuna B, A and 0.
This is how it used to look before cleaning, I already have a saved copy for this as it is complete, but I will have to split all the stadium sections by materials for easier import.
Also another view on the latest add-ons (window and fence and the fantasy solution for the back of the main stand)
Yeah.. stairs.. that`s my final solution for the gap...
And finally this nice render.. a bonus :)

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Quick quick quick

Just a quick update no pictures:
- added olympic track
- fixed the back of the VIP stand (in a fantasy way)
- added the missing fence from VIP stand
- added a missing window on the same VIP stand (don`t know how I let that slip)
- other minor fixes (fixing edges mostly)

Almost there

Modelling part has been mostly finished with today`s work... only bits and pieces will be done (if any).

So here`s what happened today:
-fixed the speakers: moved down to the level of the fence, painted in white and added 2 electronic sirens
- finally managed to add some floodlights (not that great.. but ... they`re there just to be there)
- added goalposts and corner sticks to hang the flag to... will be different thing the flag
- added external fence for collision with boundaries
- fixed some modelling errors, reshaped the asphalt area to fit into the fence
- placed Coca Cola stands as seen from Google Maps, eliminated a few also to match real perspective view
- painted some walls that weren`t right
- fixed the pitch (better texture now)

Modelling to do:
- fix the position of the external columns
- level the ground or find a fix for the back of the vip stand

This being said, the project is almost complete, as I do not have too many problems importing this and playing with it in Visual Studio in C++ and OpenGL (although there will be tasks to do here too... )

Monday, 11 August 2014

Merge treaba (Things are going smooth)

-finally added fence limiting the pitch area
- added the small section of Tribuna B that is covered
-created the entry for the teams (the underpass) and carved the area near it
- added seats at VIP Stand
- made a mock pattern for CSMS 1945 IASI instead of FCM POLI IASI
- completely finished the VIP section and the back of the building, finished curtains for windows

Started programming the chassis for the application.

Left to do:
- complete the pitch
- split the model by materials and by parts
- add other elements (next to be made are the floodlights)
- the rest of the programming task