Friday, 15 August 2014

Cleaning in progress

Started to clean the model and just noticed that the top part of the stadium, the top side walk way is too wide and now I have to narrow it in all the stadium.
I will narrow it as I clean and divide the stadium parts by materials. Like this, having the following materials from top to bottom:
- white plastic
- blue plastic
- blue metal
- yellow concrete
- blue concrete
- stairs (different component)
- white concrete
This is only a part of the stadium, peluza A, need to do the same for peluza B, tribuna B, A and 0.
This is how it used to look before cleaning, I already have a saved copy for this as it is complete, but I will have to split all the stadium sections by materials for easier import.
Also another view on the latest add-ons (window and fence and the fantasy solution for the back of the main stand)
Yeah.. stairs.. that`s my final solution for the gap...
And finally this nice render.. a bonus :)

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