Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mission accomplished

So after the last post, I practically managed to create the "Hello World!" or "Hello Triangle!" of CryEngine`s Sandbox with that section of the stadium successfully imported in the game. Having done this my job is finished here and the goal of the project has been achieved.
Let`s not forget that the main objective of this project was to learn... and I learned a lot!
- modelling
- programming
- cry engine
- blogging and writing
- time management, planning and organising and also working with a deadline (job done before 31st of August)

Even though I have enjoyed making this project, there were moments when I wanted to just give up because of my job (too many hours at work just killed my "free" time for the project). I am happy that I managed to tick all the goals I set for myself and I am also happy that some visitors liked what I did.

Following this project I have been approached by FIFA Next Level Romania to help them import this stadium in FIFA 14 the game. Even though I have previously made stadiums for Pro Evolution Soccer that were successfully included in unofficial patches (National ArenaMunicipal Medias, Ilie Oana) and I didn`t get enough credit for it, I accepted to start a collaboration with this team and I will further build some other stadiums (assuming that I`ll have enough photo resources and of course time to complete them).

Until then, I would like to thank my audience for checking with the blog and for making it visible in countries like : UK, US, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Canada (really?!?!), Germany, Italy, etc.

This being said, this is my last official UNversity related post connected to this project. There might be other posts on this blogs updating with any changes, but there will be a new blog for each stadium that I will create. (I hope to have at least 2 more stadiums until next year)

Noapte buna Iasi!

Constantin Tinu Toader
NT Games

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