Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Almost there

Modelling part has been mostly finished with today`s work... only bits and pieces will be done (if any).

So here`s what happened today:
-fixed the speakers: moved down to the level of the fence, painted in white and added 2 electronic sirens
- finally managed to add some floodlights (not that great.. but ... they`re there just to be there)
- added goalposts and corner sticks to hang the flag to... will be different thing the flag
- added external fence for collision with boundaries
- fixed some modelling errors, reshaped the asphalt area to fit into the fence
- placed Coca Cola stands as seen from Google Maps, eliminated a few also to match real perspective view
- painted some walls that weren`t right
- fixed the pitch (better texture now)

Modelling to do:
- fix the position of the external columns
- level the ground or find a fix for the back of the vip stand

This being said, the project is almost complete, as I do not have too many problems importing this and playing with it in Visual Studio in C++ and OpenGL (although there will be tasks to do here too... )

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