Sunday, 29 June 2014

Raw main stand

Just a wee update with a raw version of the main stand, no seats, no stairs, no windows, no nothing.. just concrete :)

It`s getting there :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Symmetrical version

As promised, I return with a few more previews regarding the stadium; got some nice looking water sources, and coca-cola stands together with the real shape of the stadium.

What`s left to do without touching the main stand is to add the small covered section in the centre of the secondary stand, add stereo cases, fence around the pitch and then finally tackle the main stand, which will also have to have the stairs moved (told you is not symmetrical!) and actually build it. Can`t guarantee a deadline for that, as I am currently taking advantage of all the hours I can get at work to earn some money.

So here`s the latest:

In theory I should finish the main stand in 2-3 sessions. But although sounds easy, I don`t know how long it will take to bend the fence around the pitch.

We`ll see :)


Seats added

After a very busy period at work and so many wonderful football matches to watch (ongoing World Cup d`oh) I finally found a small window to update the blog with the latest changes regarding my little precious stadium.

So I added all the seats (awful job, also bending the fence... terrible), added the created components to the stadium, and managed to get these nice previews:

Only half stadium as usual,  but I will be back tonight to mirror it and return with a full preview of the stadium.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bits and pieces

Not too much happening, stopped the current progress on the stadium but still built some components that will be placed in the final scenery.

This way it is easier for me and it doesn`t give me headaches as I`m not dealing with huge number of vertices. So my lil laptop can handle it. The computer has been built, the RAM is coming tomorrow. So more should happen after that.

Also built the seats for the stadium, but forgot to grab some pics for it.
Looking good at the moment and getting more confident.

Can`t wait to finish the stadium and add it in Cry Engine where I can add proper materials and edit the appearance as I know that at the moment they look... "cartoonish"

During this week-end I hope I can add seats at least for a sector. I really hope I won`t have problems with the new pc.

I`ll get back on this soon.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Getting there... slowly

Great news, ordered and received most of the stuff needed for the new pc...

Up to now I got:
Mini ATX Case;
650W Gold PSU
i7 4790 cpu (a beauty)
AMD R9 270x from Saphire
and a 1150 mobo from Gigabyte...

the problem is the RAM...I was sent the wrong type... so it will take a bit longer until I finish it, as refunds/returns procedures needs to be performed.

And... of course I couldn`t stay away from my little stadium :) so I went on a little bit still working on the laptop. The problem is I was more busy at work, so I arrive quite exhausted, but here we go, latest changes:

- changed the field, added different texture and space for the bloody olympic track... by the way not a common olympic track as it has only 6 lanes.. whatever :) so is narrower than a normal 9 lanes track
- painted the rows and added stairs
- created some access stairs and some metal separators or dividers or ... whatever.. bars for the stairs
- connected the stand with the curve and also connected the left side of the stand with its right one
- added metal dividers for the stand
- and for connectors (really a pain manipulating rounded objects...) and also raised the margin that separates the pitch+ track from the spectator area.. I plan to add a fence on it later
- so this is how it looks now 

And this is how it would look like if it was symmetrical... it`s not going to be like this, but only to have an idea... it`s getting better.

I`ve been back and forward with the curved part... it is quite difficult, but I took time and simplified the lines as using "follow me" created too many vertices. So now it`s made up of only a few segments, lower fidelity, but not noticeable.
Also very difficult to create the actual rooms in the curve... the program starts to give me problems... but I`ll be patient and solve them... but will spend more time on that, or leave it for the end.
So basically what is done here is only half of the main stand and half of a curve (a J shape multiplied by 4)

I`ll have a break from this until I create my pc.
It`s getting more and more annoying when I select all the components and I have to perform translations or rotations on them. Losing my patience...

Also I have been very very busy lately with the work... so I`ll cool down for the moment seeing the fact that I virtually have no deadline for this...
Of course I`m just saying that, but the enthusiasm and the will to see this stadium taking shape is pushing me forward. So I don`t really know when I`ll return :)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Finally some green

Today I managed to have a wee look on how it could look :)
I added the field finally so I can have a reference and proceeded slowly but surely. Field is not important as in PES this is where actually the game takes place... so it has it`s own field.
I added the columns for the curved side of the stadium, I made the surroundings for the pitch and finally laid (is that the right word? :)) the rows over the columns and they fit perfectly :) Because I couldn`t wait too much, I went further and multiplied everything to have a look on how it could look at the end.

Here`s what I`m talking about:

It`s getting there... but I noticed that I don`t have enough space to fit in the olympic track so I found out that the pitch didn`t have the right size. Fortunately everything else was accurately built, so I just need to increase the distance from the pitch to make it right... but not today...

Also when dealing with all the columns, I noted how slow my pc is so, I might put this on hold because I will start to build a proper computer. So I don`t know when I will resume this, but hopefully in a week I`ll be able to return to work on a "decent" machine.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


So after doing the math and finally getting into it, I managed to finish the part that will not be visible if this will be imported in PES, but is the part that interests me if I will manage to get this in Cry Engine. All the structure is designed to be explorable, so I can be able to "walk" in the stadium using the engine. Material used will be concrete so I can`t wait to see if I can actually make any damage to the walls :)

I know it`s not too WOW but... it`s just the beginning. The end is what matters. And I am sure I will have difficulties later and this will be modified.
Texture used are temporary as materials will be added accordingly in Cry Engine.


Poli Iasi project it`s meant to be an attempt to gain some modelling skills and create a decent replica of the Emil Alexandrescu Stadium from Iasi, Romania.
For reference I will use Google maps to try and get closer to the natural shape and some measurements that I had previously done. Seeing the fact that I used to work in metal fabrication and I used to be a metal tools designer, this will be something new to me as I will have to create something bigger. Usually I was dealing with small items and the units used were millimetres and the fidelity was high because those items were components for something bigger.
For the stadium, I will try not to go too deep into details and I will try to keep it more abstract, but without losing the important bits of a stadium.

So this is how it looks in real life and I hope to get something similar.

And another picture here with a panorama from inside. Click to enlarge and scroll left or right to check the view.

As usual, whenever I start a project, there`s research to be done, so I always gather some data about what I have to do...

The stadium has 11.500 seats in blue and white. Even though it seems symmetrical it is not.
It has 7 gates. The 4 corner gates are all identical so it should be enough to create a corner and multiply it by 4. The main entry is on the gate A, which is the biggest. On the opposite side it is the gate B (smaller) and there is one more gate which is in the middle of the stand on the opposite side of the main stand.
The stadium has 12 rows. The top row (12th row) and the 8th row are filled with white seats. The first seat closest to any sort of stairs are white. All the seats above the gates are white. The rest of the seats in the stadium, except the main stand which has a different type of seats, are blue and of the same type.

The stadium has an olympic track, but I will use the template from Pro Evolution Soccer to avoid all the calculus of creating the field and each lane (I`m not interested in that) and also to make it easier to import in Pro Evolution Soccer.

Here is the list of my measurements: erm.. a picture... 1000 words... so true:

This will be my cheat sheet.
This will be used to compare against for the shape.

Enough talking. More progress tomorrow.