Monday, 9 June 2014

Finally some green

Today I managed to have a wee look on how it could look :)
I added the field finally so I can have a reference and proceeded slowly but surely. Field is not important as in PES this is where actually the game takes place... so it has it`s own field.
I added the columns for the curved side of the stadium, I made the surroundings for the pitch and finally laid (is that the right word? :)) the rows over the columns and they fit perfectly :) Because I couldn`t wait too much, I went further and multiplied everything to have a look on how it could look at the end.

Here`s what I`m talking about:

It`s getting there... but I noticed that I don`t have enough space to fit in the olympic track so I found out that the pitch didn`t have the right size. Fortunately everything else was accurately built, so I just need to increase the distance from the pitch to make it right... but not today...

Also when dealing with all the columns, I noted how slow my pc is so, I might put this on hold because I will start to build a proper computer. So I don`t know when I will resume this, but hopefully in a week I`ll be able to return to work on a "decent" machine.

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