Saturday, 7 June 2014


Poli Iasi project it`s meant to be an attempt to gain some modelling skills and create a decent replica of the Emil Alexandrescu Stadium from Iasi, Romania.
For reference I will use Google maps to try and get closer to the natural shape and some measurements that I had previously done. Seeing the fact that I used to work in metal fabrication and I used to be a metal tools designer, this will be something new to me as I will have to create something bigger. Usually I was dealing with small items and the units used were millimetres and the fidelity was high because those items were components for something bigger.
For the stadium, I will try not to go too deep into details and I will try to keep it more abstract, but without losing the important bits of a stadium.

So this is how it looks in real life and I hope to get something similar.

And another picture here with a panorama from inside. Click to enlarge and scroll left or right to check the view.

As usual, whenever I start a project, there`s research to be done, so I always gather some data about what I have to do...

The stadium has 11.500 seats in blue and white. Even though it seems symmetrical it is not.
It has 7 gates. The 4 corner gates are all identical so it should be enough to create a corner and multiply it by 4. The main entry is on the gate A, which is the biggest. On the opposite side it is the gate B (smaller) and there is one more gate which is in the middle of the stand on the opposite side of the main stand.
The stadium has 12 rows. The top row (12th row) and the 8th row are filled with white seats. The first seat closest to any sort of stairs are white. All the seats above the gates are white. The rest of the seats in the stadium, except the main stand which has a different type of seats, are blue and of the same type.

The stadium has an olympic track, but I will use the template from Pro Evolution Soccer to avoid all the calculus of creating the field and each lane (I`m not interested in that) and also to make it easier to import in Pro Evolution Soccer.

Here is the list of my measurements: erm.. a picture... 1000 words... so true:

This will be my cheat sheet.
This will be used to compare against for the shape.

Enough talking. More progress tomorrow.

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