Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bits and pieces

Not too much happening, stopped the current progress on the stadium but still built some components that will be placed in the final scenery.

This way it is easier for me and it doesn`t give me headaches as I`m not dealing with huge number of vertices. So my lil laptop can handle it. The computer has been built, the RAM is coming tomorrow. So more should happen after that.

Also built the seats for the stadium, but forgot to grab some pics for it.
Looking good at the moment and getting more confident.

Can`t wait to finish the stadium and add it in Cry Engine where I can add proper materials and edit the appearance as I know that at the moment they look... "cartoonish"

During this week-end I hope I can add seats at least for a sector. I really hope I won`t have problems with the new pc.

I`ll get back on this soon.

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