Friday, 8 August 2014


After a long and busy period at work I finally managed to find a small window to update the project. I know it has been more than a month since my last post, but this is how it looks now and it`s close to the real stadium.

So what happened:
- added seats on main stand (Tribuna A)
- added the VIP stand (Tribuna 0) on 3 levels with details
- created seat model for VIP stand (Tribuna 0)
- added doors, cameras and the identical seats pattern on the VIP stand (a bit more than 500 seats carefully placed)
- carved into the VIP structure to reflect the real layout of the building
- remodelled the roof
- created the facility office from the stand

To do:
- fences.. as usual.. connect all fences
- create stairs wherever needed
- finish the back of the building
- create the part of Tribuna B which has a small roof
- finish the pitch (with goal posts)
- add other details (if I have time, floodlights, speakers, more cameras, flags maybe.. etc)
- fix modelling errors
- simplify model if possible (instead of 24 segments curve... make 6 or 8 segments curve where detail is not needed)

- I know the plan was to import this in Cry Engine but because of time, I will change the objective and create an application in C++ that allows the user to roam free in the stadium
- might create a collision mask for the stadium
- restructure the materials (instead of white seat main stand, white seat vip stand, white profiles Coca Cola stand just use "plastic white" material instead) ... so simplify again the materials too
- restructure the model so I can easily load it fast (instead of loading all the model at once, with the objects loaded in random order, I will fragment the model by materials so when binding to one type of material is performed only once, no matter where is placed in the stadium/model)

The change from Cry Engine to raw openGL means that I will lose from quality, but let`s hope for the best.

I hope I will not have any other interruptions, and to keep me motivated I will set myself a deadline, and the application should be finished by the end of the month. (31st august)

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